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Design & Consultation
Be it new construction or a garden add-on, Evan will help you design an irrigation system that will function within the parameters of your water supply.
Lawn Sprinkler Specialists: Irrigation & Lawn Services
System Remodels, Alterations,  and Efficiency Retrofits
Frequently homeowners are faced with zones that have no vigor. New and proven technologies, along with Evan's experience, will result in head to head coverage, savings in water usage, and a happy and healthy lawn and garden. Ask us about low volume drip and micro sprinkler zones. 
Startups, Maintenance and Winterization    
A thorough startup followed by seasonal checkups is crucial for efficient water use and maintenance of your system. Ask us about our RAIN/FREEZE sensors. 

Protect your irrigation system with an expert winterization utilizing our pressure reduced, high volume compressors. 
Backflow Testing
Brandt Olsen of NIWS Services has been in conjunction with Lawn Sprinkler Specialists for many years, to ensure that your lawn is well maintained. 
Fertilize and Aerate   
A professional grade fertilizer with iron, applied evenly and in a timely fashion is key to the health and appearance of your lawn and gardens. 

Aeration opens the rhizome to air, nutrients and water. Aeration should be done in the spring and/or fall in conjunction with fertilization. 
Black flow is nothing more than reverse flow of water. Your backflow preventer keeps your system water out of your domestic supply. Have your device tested to guarantee that it is doing its job. Evan has been testing and repairing backflows since 2000. 
Seasonal Cleanups
Turf gets matted under the snow. Leaves get left behind in the fall. Hardscapes and lawns need to be free of clutter. Seasonal cleanups allow for new growth and a refreshed appearance,